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The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) allows for secure electronic transmission of Schedule II controlled substance orders without the triplicate paper Form 222. The electronically transmitted order contains a digital version of a traditional written signature. The digital signature is accomplished through the use of a computer file known as a Digital Certificate.

How do I get a Digital Certificate?

  1. Enroll in CSOS at www.deaecom.gov/applycert.html. Follow instructions on the website and allow approximately 4-6 weeks to receive your Digital Certificate.
  2. Once you receive your certificate, download and save it onto your computer.
  3. Request login and password from your DV Medical Sales Representative. This will be emailed to you.
  4. Place an order.

System Requirements for using Express 222: (only 2 items)

  1. PC running Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher. (most current IE download http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/worldwide-sites.aspx)
  2. Active X Control – this will automatically prompt for download, if not already installed.

Verify your digital certificate

To verify that your digital certificate is installed in Internet Explorer, you can test it to make sure it’s ready to be used with DV Medical’s Express222 ordering system. Simply go to the Web site at http://www.express222.com and run the certificate test. The test will allow you to safely sign a “dummy” order that does not actually get transmitted.

Placing an Order

  1. Go to www.express222.com and click on Customer Login
  2. Enter your user name and password that was sent to you via email.
  3. From the Main Menu, click on Create, Send, and Manage e222 Forms.
  4. Select Create a New Order.
  5. Begin selecting all items and quantities that you wish to order. Click Save and Continue.
  6. Finalize your order. Confirm all info on screen and add PO number and special instructions if necessary.
  7. Click Save Order Now.
  8. After submitting the order, you should be prompted to select a valid Digital Certificate to electronically sign the order.
  9. Once you select your certificate you will be asked to submit your password. This password is one you created for the use of your certificate and is only known by the registered user.
  10. The digital certificate is immediately reviewed. If valid, the order is complete and you are provided with a confirmation screen that provides you with a unique tracking number. You will also receive an email confirmation of the items you have requested.
  11. DV Medical will process and send the order to your DEA registered address.