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Dopram HCl Injection MDV 20mg/mL 20mL
Dopram HCl Injection MDV 20mg/mL 20mL

Dopram HCl Injection MDV 20mg/mL 20mL

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Part Number:DVM-107918
Manufacturer: Hikma Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc


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When the possibility of airway obstruction and/or hypoxia have been eliminated, doxapram may be used to stimulate respiration in patients with drug-induced postanesthesia respiratory depression or apnea other than that due to muscle relaxant drugs.
To pharmacologically stimulate deep breathing in the postoperative patient. (A quantitative method of assessing oxygenation, such as pulse oximetry, is recommended.)
Drug-Induced Central Nervous System Depression
Exercising care to prevent vomiting and aspiration, doxapram may be used to stimulate respiration, hasten arousal, and to encourage the return of laryngopharyngeal reflexes in patients with mild to moderate respiratory and CNS depression due to drug overdosage.

Chronic Pulmonary Disease Associated with Acute Hypercapnia
Doxapram is indicated as a temporary measure in hospitalized patients with acute respiratory insufficiency superimposed on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Its use should be for a short period of time as an aid in the prevention of elevation of arterial CO2 tension during the administration of oxygen.

It should not be used in conjunction with mechanical ventilation.

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