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MPA Benzoyl Plus Shampoo 8oz (exp 8/31/19)

MPA Benzoyl Plus Shampoo 8oz (exp 8/31/19)

Part Number:DVM-104326
  • On Hand Available:6
MPN: 422627
Manufacturer: Vetoquinol Inc
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(Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% )
  • Ideal for pets with excessively greasy or oily skin, bacterial skin infections, comedones (blackheads) or plugged hair follicles
  • Gentle formula degreases skin without excessive drying
  • Suitable for pets with folliculitis, oily skin with flaking (seborrhea oleosa), or oily skin with flaking bacterial and yeast (Malassezia) overgrowth pyodermatitis
  • May be used as a moisturizing, antiseptic shampoo
  • Novasome® microvesicle technology moisturizes skin with continuous-release hydration

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