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Penrose Tubing Argyle™ 1/4" X 18" (Sterile)
Penrose Tubing Argyle™ 1/4' X 18' (Sterile)

Penrose Tubing Argyle™ 1/4" X 18" (Sterile)

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Part Number:DVM-107431MP
MPN: 30416-025
Manufacturer: Cardinal Health, Inc.
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Argyle™ penrose tube is a simple flat drain that can be used to wick fluid from abdominal surgical sites.

These latex drains consist of a flexible rubber tube which is left inside the site of the surgery to promote drainage of blood, lymph and other fluids.
  • Uses gravity to draw ?uids out along its surfaces into dressings
  • Safety pin provided may be used to prevent the drain from slipping back inside the wound
  • Radiopaque 
  • Sterile
  • Latex in construction

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