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Stethoscope Dual Head (Green)
Stethoscope Dual Head (Green)

Stethoscope Dual Head (Green)

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Part Number:DVM-107323
MPN: 400GR
Manufacturer: Graham-Field
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The stethoscope is intended to facilitate the ability to hear internal sounds.

  • Anodized aluminum rotating chestpiece with recessed non-chill ring
  • Adjustable aluminum binaural to ensure a comfortable, acoustically sealed aural fit
  • 22" latex-free Y-tubing
  • White firm threaded PVC eartips
Components included: Stethoscope with rotating chestpiece, tubing, binaural, and one set of eartips, as shown at right.

This dual-headed stethoscope, equipped with both large and small diaphragms fitted on a revolvable twin drum, is operational in two positions 180° apart. The drum contains a leak-free valve stem.
  1. Carefully insert binaural eartips into ears.
  2. Tap the diaphragm softly; this should produce sounds clearly. If you don't hear the tapping sound, rotate the head 180° until it clicks into place in the other operational position.
  3. Tap again to be sure the instrument is correctly set for use.
  4. Follow the same procedure when you convert from one chestpiece to another.

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