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Toxiban Susp w/Sorbitol 240mL
Toxiban Susp w/Sorbitol 240mL

Toxiban Susp w/Sorbitol 240mL

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Part Number:DVM-101699
MPN: 1155
Manufacturer: Lloyd-Labs Inc


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Activated Charcoal for Effective Adsorption of Ingested Poisons

Activated charcoal is generally called the "universal antidote" by toxicologists, since it is active in adsorbing most toxicants except inorganic salts and heavy metals. ToxiBan is the "gold standard" for treating animal poisoning.

  • Available in two formulations: suspension and suspension with sorbitol
  • Also available as granules
  • MedChar™, activated charcoal USP, adsorbs toxins in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Kaolin adds extra adsorbing qualities while protecting the intestinal lining
  • Sorbitol is a mild hyperosmotic cathartic

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