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Veta-K1 Injection 10mg/mL 100mL
Veta-K1 Injection 10mg/mL 100mL

Veta-K1 Injection 10mg/mL 100mL

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Part Number:DVM-107283C
MPN: 1VIT015
Manufacturer: Bimeda


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  • Contains phytonadione
  • Indicated in coagulation disorders that are due to faulty formation of factors II, VII, IX and X when caused by vitamin K deficiency or interference with vitamin K activity
  • Indicated in cattle, calves, horses, swine, sheep, goats, dogs and cats to counter hypoprothrombinemia induced by ingestion of anticoagulant rodenticides
  • Also indicated to counter hypoprothrobinemia caused by consumption of bishydroxycoumarin found in spoiled and moldy sweet clover
  • Natural – solution possesses the same type and degree of activity as naturally occurring vitamin K

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