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Vetmedin Chewable Tabs 2.5mg #50
Vetmedin Chewable Tabs 2.5mg #50

Vetmedin Chewable Tabs 2.5mg #50

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Part Number:DVM-103408P
Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim


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Vetmedin (pimobendan) is indicated for the management of the signs of mild, moderate, or severe (modified NYHA Class IIa, IIIb, or IVc) congestive heart failure in dogs due to atrioventricular valvular insufficiency (AVVI) or dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Vetmedin is indicated for use with concurrent therapy for congestive heart failure (e.g., furosemide, etc.) as appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

a. A dog with modified New York Heart Association (NYHA) Class II heart failure has fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing, etc. apparent when ordinary exercise is exceeded.
b. A dog with modified NYHA Class III heart failure is comfortable at rest, but exercise capacity is minimal.
c. A dog with modified NYHA Class IV heart failure has no capacity for exercise and disabling clinical signs are present even at rest.

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