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MicrocynVS Survey

Posted by on 1/3/2023 to Pet Care
MicrocynVS Survey
In order to better understand how to serve your needs, we would like to know your thoughts.

MicrocynVS Burnt Paw Relief

Posted by on 9/20/2022
MicrocynVS Burnt Paw Relief

Hot Surfaces Burn Paws

5 Second Rule:

If you can't keep your hand or bear foot on a surface for 5 seconds comfortably, then it is TOO HOT for your pet. 
On a hot day asphalt can exceed 145° F!

Pavement, asphalt, metal, brick artificial turf and sand can heat up quickly in the sun and cause severe burns on paw pads.

Common 222 Form Errors

Posted by on 9/7/2022
Common 222 Form Errors
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